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Heart Hotel and Gallery first artwork hanging

Claudia Gray

So the first art work is up at the Heart Hotel and Gallery

Thanks to Belinda Curry, Claudia Gray, Jacqui Henderson, Jodie Price, Penny Rogan, Ross Scanlon, Sue Bowen and new member Peter Eve.

These works will be there until mid october.

If you are a member and want to have work in the gallery then keep an eye out for the email requesting work.


29th Annual Exhibition

The awards for the annual exhibition are:

Section 1 Theme Downunder

First Carol Bell Our Land

Highly Recommended Tony Ayling Freedom

Commended Peter Jennings Been Down Under


Section 2 Portraiture

First Peter Jennings Last Swaggie

HC Wal Hourn 60 Years Wedding Anniversary Painting


Onwards From The Fire

Dear Art Whitsunday Members

This is a sad moment for everyone indeed, just when the Gallery was looking so amazing and especially so for Michelle who lost her printing equipment. 

The executive committee and a few others came together this morning at Capers to discuss how Art Whitsunday can go forward from this devastating fire. Here is a glimpse of what was talked about

We are presently looking into our AW Insurance policy

We have decided to go ahead with the Annual Exhibition as a focal point for out artistic expression

Next week we will start our popular art socials again, the first one at Linda's studio

All proposed workshops will be going ahead just at a venue other than the Gallery


Off Centre

Ceramics by Lyndy Hill

Open for viewing in the Back Room at Art Whitsunday Gallery.

Come and support Lyndy and her beautiful artworks

28th Annual Exhibition

Images from the 28th Annual Exhibition


28th Annual Exhibition Prize Winners

Category 1 – Theme “Climate Change”

First Prize - Glenda Vickers ‘Moral Obligation’

Highly Commended - John Hayden ‘Autumn of our Reign’

Commended - Jacqui Henderson ‘Causatum’


Category 2 - Open

First Prize - Jennifer Beaumont ‘Granada’

Highly Commended - Penny Rogan ‘Their roots go deep’

Commended - Julie Hands ‘Storm Warning’


Under the Sea

An exhibition of underwater photography, paintings and textile works by Avril and Tony Ayling.


Avril and Tony started their diving careers 50yrs ago and developed a business called Sea Research which continues to provide marine biological dive services to companies around Australia and sometimes overseas.


They have published 11 books and 100s of reports. On their days off they go diving too, to the islands off the Whitsunday coast in their 7m Southwind boat.  On all trips they take their underwater cameras, Avril has a Canon G16 and Tony has a Nikon D800 in a Nauticam housing plus a Canon G7X (...)

'Eclectic' by Belinda Curry

Back Room Exhibition for April


Dont miss this exhibition by Belinda Curry


A selection of artworks produced over a ten year period, incorporating a variety of genre and media.  Media explored includes warm glass, acrylic painting, printmaking and cloisonné.





Social Event - Portraiture

The Thursday evening Social event was a great success, with around 20 people (including some new faces) coming in to discuss and learn about portraiture and the human image.  Kerry Kenyon gave a brief explanation of the ethos behind the event and then Bonney lead in discussions and critiquing of the portraits that where brought in my members.


Nancy Dicker produced her very first portrait which she completed only days before and it was very impressive Nancy.  We had drawings, paintings, mono prints, photographs and workshop sketches all thoroughly dissected and admired.


Thank you to all those who contributed and to Peter who put the event together (...)

Trash to Treasure


The February 'Back Room' exhibition will feature artworks from a recycling workshop held last year.  

The Upcycling Workshop was conducted in 2014 by Bonney Bombach, a senior artist represented in public galleries and both public and private collections in Australia and abroad and experienced art educator. Recycled (or upcycled) materials count amongst the broad range of media Bonney has utilized over almost 40 years of her art practise and this was the aim of the workshop. The use of recycled materials has imbedded in it a consciousness of environmental concern and an anti-materialist philosophy (...)


Sunday Social Meeting



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Trash to Treasure Back Room Exhibition

Hi to All,


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