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Life Beneath the Surface exhibition

“Life Beneath the Surface”

A collaboration by Art Whitsunday Incorporated artists, highlighting their personal interpretation of life beneath natural surfaces in the tropics.

Surfaces portrayed could be as diverse as rainforest canopy, reef coral ledge, fresh or salt water, cloud, flowering sugar cane, cave roof, sand, ground, or sky.

Our warm, tropical climate supports prolific life through recurring life cycles in rich ecosystems wh (...)

Whitsunday Plantae Exhibition

‘Whitsunday Plantae’ by Art Whitsunday

Whitsunday Plantae is a collaboration by Art Whitsunday Incorporated artists, highlighting their viewpoints on the part which plant life plays in their lives.

Depicting the imaginary or unique vision of the solitary artist, each artist interprets their Whitsunday botanical genre of their immediate natural environment, portraying native and introduced species.

Inspired by microforms to giants of the tropical Whitsunday plant habitats, the artists also visually feature aesthetic shapes, forms, colours and textures of their interwoven plantae panoramas, representing coastal terrain and islands, to beneath the Coral Sea (...)

Wabi Sabi - Within The Garden

Wabi Sabi - Within the garden is Art Whitsunday Inc's exhibition for 2021.

Opening - Saturday 28th August 2021 1pm - 2pm Monsoon Gallery and Buttercup Lane, Proserpine.

All welcome.

Exhibition open:

Monday 30th August - Saturday 4th September 2021   Monsoon Gallery and Buttercup Lane, Proserpine

Sunday 5th September 2021 - Thursday 30th September 2021  Heart Hotel and Gallery, Airlie Beach  (selected works only).


Kaleidoscope Exhibition

Kaleidoscope is a collaboration by nine Whitsunday artists to highlight aspects of the way they view life in the Whitsundays. The resulting twenty eight works reflect how each artist responded to their immediate natural environment,  in some instances encompassing human influences from their surrounding environs.  

The works, as are the artists of Art Whitsunday, are multifaceted, reflecting the interplay of images, light and colour found in the Whitsundays.  These works range from realistic images painted directly from nature to more abstract concepts of colour, shape and form. In some works the lack of colour is also a statement. The exhibition incorporates  an array of imagery which demonstrates the interactions between how we, as individuals, view the natural environment which surrounds us, externally and in some cases through internal processing.  These views are as varied as our members, in age, ability and disciplines.


"Through Our Eyes"

This exhibition, 'Through Our Eyes' was created through the united efforts of eleven Art Whitsunday members. These artists have given us, the observer, their interpretation of what captures their eye whilst living in the Whitsundays.


Art Whitsunday is a group of creative individuals drawn from an expansive area of the Whitsunday region including Proserpine, Airlie Beach, Bowen and Laguna Quays. The artists, their media and subject matter are as diverse as the area that they live in (...)