Information For Members

Artist Forms

If you wish to have work displayed at the Heart Hotel and Gallery you need to create an artist profile using this form.

Once you have completed the form then you need to send it electronically (via email) to the secretary.

To do this the steps are:

  1.  Right click on here below and then "Save As.."
  2.  Save the form to a suitable location on your computer.
  3.  Open the form in word and add your name, picture and details where appropriate.
  4.  Save the form.
  5.  Email the saved form as an attachment to the secretary.

No hand written/scanned forms will be accepted.  If the completed artist profile is not acceptable to Heart Hotel and Art Whitsunday management it will not be accepted.  You will be notified if this is the case.

Artist Profile for Heart Hotel

You must complete this to exhibit at Heart Hotel.

The "Picture" is a picture of you.

The rest is as shown in the text boxes.

This needs to be returned as a pdf file to the by the due date for exhibiting.



Sunday Social Meeting



21:02:54 25/2/2015
12:02:24 3/2/2015

Trash to Treasure Back Room Exhibition

Hi to All,


11:02:04 3/2/2015
16:01:43 11/1/2015