Sunday Social Meeting
Sunday Meeting


Sunday 1 March 


2pm - 4pm


No Changeover, so no need to arrive until 2pm.




This months meeting will be a hands on meeting.  Less business, more socialising and getting familiar with the Art Whitsunday Website.


We plan to create a collaborative artwork for the banner of the Website and give members support and help in setting up a profile page in the Website Gallery.


Ross and Michelle will be available to help you set up your login and profile pages for the Website.  Help you resize photos and give detailed demonstrations on how to get your artistic profile out there on the web.


If you would like to take part in the website set process, please register by return email and I will book you in.  You will need to bring your written text describing you, your artwork, your works style (anything that you think readers will want to know about you and your artwork).  Then bring 2 or 3 images to add to the site.  You can add more later if you choose.


If you are a bit tech savvy.  Try to get your images the right size, 800x600 and 128kb max size. This will save a bit of time.  Michelle and Ross will be able to convert your images if you don’t know how to do this.


A great opportunity to get some help.  If you have a laptop you would like to bring, you can login to the TARGET free internet and get started straight away.


Annual Exhibition


Update of progress with the Annual Exhibition, entry forms, conditions and categories available soon.





Further info on the upcoming workshops in preparation for the ANZAC exhibition as well as the Annual Exhibition.



See you Sunday.





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Sunday Social Meeting



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Trash to Treasure Back Room Exhibition

Hi to All,


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