"Through Our Eyes"

This exhibition, 'Through Our Eyes' was created through the united efforts of eleven Art Whitsunday members. These artists have given us, the observer, their interpretation of what captures their eye whilst living in the Whitsundays.


Art Whitsunday is a group of creative individuals drawn from an expansive area of the Whitsunday region including Proserpine, Airlie Beach, Bowen and Laguna Quays. The artists, their media and subject matter are as diverse as the area that they live in. They are from many walks of life and range from the emerging to the professional artist, in various stages along the creative journey. The group includes photographers, printmakers, watercolourists, acrylic painters, mixed media, sculptors and textile artists.


Art Whitsunday Inc. has a long standing history in the Whitsunday's prior to being incorporated in 1986. The group was initiated by a handful of like minded people and it's numbers have ebbed and flowed since then.


Prior to the loss of the Art Whitsunday Gallery in 2016, the group had eighty six members. The gallery was destroyed by fire, along with the group's resources (acquired over a long period of time). With no gallery and no permanent location to meet, the group now has twenty five members and is slowly rebuilding.


Since it's inception it has provided a place for learning and skill development, mentor-ship and facilitates exhibition opportunities.


Exhibiting at the Lagoon Gallery is part of the renewal process, which not only aims to reinvigorate members creativity, but to provide a space where they can exhibit in a gallery environment. It also re-establishes a connection to the Mackay region where the group had exhibited in the past and to encourage future interaction between regions.



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