Artist - Sharon Dewsbury
Sharon Dewsbury was born in New Zealand and migrated to Australia in 1995 at the age of 31. Although she has always had an interest in art, she had stopped painting when she left school. This all changed in 2012 when she was on a world cruise and was lucky to have the opportunity to paint in a class during her days at sea. Sharon enjoyed this so much that she decided to make this her goal – to become an artist so she could teach others. Upon returning home, she joined Art Whitsunday where she was inspired further by the large number of Professional Artists in the organisation. Three months after joining, Sharon entered her first picture into a mini exhibition. There was no turning back after that, it was practice, practice, practice. Sharon then entered four regional Exhibitions, winning prizes in three of them including a First, Second and Commendable. Sharon is currently the Vice President of Art Whitsunday and the Workshop Co-ordinator. She runs her own workshops teaching Watercolours for Beginners. Sharon sold 80% of her paintings at her first Exhibition and now takes on commissions
Freedom Calls - Acrylic

Freedom Calls - Acrylic


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