Artist - Robert Nicholls
Carving and writing are not necessarily hand-in-hand obsessions, but they are both mine. I’ve been carving in wood for close to forty years and in stone for half that time. An early influence was Arnold Mikelson, whose ‘Mind and Matter’ studio-gallery was only a short drive from where I was raised in British Columbia, Canada. Mikelson’s designs and meticulous finishes, reflecting his one-time position as chief designer for Royal Doulton, fascinated and inspired me from a very early age. The wood and stone I now use are accessed almost entirely from Whitsunday resources. Individual pieces of my work have received recognition from Bert Flugelman, at the 2000 Art Whitsunday Exhibition, from Connie Lawton in 2001 and from Catherine Nix in 2011. Writing has also been a fascination for me for many years, with too many influences to list. Two e-novels (‘Children of Clun’ and ‘Sugar Town’) as well as a collection of short stories (‘Connections’) are available for free download in formats suitable to all e-readers. Simply google Smashwords, type Robert Nicholls into their search engine and click on any of the three covers. (Brief reviews, lodged on the same page, are hugely appreciated.)
Çrow' - white beech

Çrow' - white beech


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