Onwards From The Fire

Dear Art Whitsunday Members

This is a sad moment for everyone indeed, just when the Gallery was looking so amazing and especially so for Michelle who lost her printing equipment. 

The executive committee and a few others came together this morning at Capers to discuss how Art Whitsunday can go forward from this devastating fire. Here is a glimpse of what was talked about

We are presently looking into our AW Insurance policy

We have decided to go ahead with the Annual Exhibition as a focal point for out artistic expression

Next week we will start our popular art socials again, the first one at Linda's studio

All proposed workshops will be going ahead just at a venue other than the Gallery

We have a few ideas for social meeting venues but no firm location yet, maybe members homes.

Luckily the treasurer took the takings sheets so you will be paid for works sold in March

We are going to approach Council for some help

Discussion on possible new locations for the Gallery 

We lost a total of $450 in the till and petty cash tin including yesterdays takings.

That's it for the moment, more later...................




Sunday Social Meeting



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Trash to Treasure Back Room Exhibition

Hi to All,


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