28th Annual Exhibition Prize Winners

Category 1 – Theme “Climate Change”

First Prize - Glenda Vickers ‘Moral Obligation’

Highly Commended - John Hayden ‘Autumn of our Reign’

Commended - Jacqui Henderson ‘Causatum’


Category 2 - Open

First Prize - Jennifer Beaumont ‘Granada’

Highly Commended - Penny Rogan ‘Their roots go deep’

Commended - Julie Hands ‘Storm Warning’


Category 3 – Portrait / Human image

First Prize - Wendy Eriksson ‘Relationships’

Highly Commended - Glenda Vickers ‘Walk’

Commended - Dot Smith ‘Dylan’


Category 4 – Oil, acrylic and mixed media

First Prize - Jacqui Henderson ‘Butts out’

Highly Commended - Jennifer Beaumont ‘Cassia’

Commended - Emily Huang ‘The Castle’


Categories 5 & 6 – Watercolour, gouache, printmaking / Pastel, charcoal, pencil, ink’

First Prize - Jennifer Beaumont ‘Chains’

Highly Commended - Glenda Vickers ‘High Tea’

Commended - Belinda Curry ‘Whirlwind’


Category 7 - Photography

First Prize - Glenda Vickers ’Mirrored selfie’

Highly Commended - Ross Scanlon ‘Four years’

Commended - Michelle Andrews ‘Duck, Duck Jabiru’


Category 8 - Sculpture

First Prize - Lyndy Hill ‘Tutankhamen’s vision of the future’

Highly Commended - Dot Smith ‘Au revoir Mademoiselle’

Commended - Rob Nicholls ‘Skin Hunger’


Category 9 –Ceramics (functional pieces)

First Prize - Lyndy Hill ‘1 Bowl 2 Plates’

Highly Commended - Pat Hourn ‘Multi-glazed bowl’

Commended - Jan Hornett, ‘Altered vase’


Category 10 – Textiles, fibre

First Prize - Barbara Hill ‘Blues Festival’

Highly Commended - Linda Forrester ‘Abstractex’

Commended - Tess Commins ‘Spirit of the red earth’


Category 11 – Recycled materials

First Prize - Bonney Bombach ‘Book of letters’

Highly Commended - Linda Forrester ‘Stop and smell the…’

Commended - Claudia Gray ‘Untitled’


Popular Choice

Leanne Kremp 'Moo'



Despite what the Whitsunday Times published the following are "Worthy of Encouragement" not commended (as published).


Worthy of encouragement (Awarded)

  • Glenda Vickers ‘High Tea’

  • Julie Hands ‘Storm Warning’

Worthy of encouragement (Non-Awarded)

  • Peter Jennings ‘Where are you now?’

  • Wal Hourn ‘Maggy’



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