Under the Sea

An exhibition of underwater photography, paintings and textile works by Avril and Tony Ayling.


Avril and Tony started their diving careers 50yrs ago and developed a business called Sea Research which continues to provide marine biological dive services to companies around Australia and sometimes overseas.


They have published 11 books and 100s of reports. On their days off they go diving too, to the islands off the Whitsunday coast in their 7m Southwind boat.  On all trips they take their underwater cameras, Avril has a Canon G16 and Tony has a Nikon D800 in a Nauticam housing plus a Canon G7X. There’s always something interesting to photograph, the sea is so full of wonderful creatures and full of beautiful colours.  The weather is sometimes rough and underwater viz may be less than a metre, or in one case blackness, but the ocean is always life packed.


Tony focuses on photography and likes to document the amazing array of animal behaviors he comes across.


Avril does photography too but likes to paint and use textiles to depict sea life. Her favourite habitat underwater is the crevices and caves full of sponges, Bryozoans and sea squirts forming a collage of pattern and colour.


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