Trash to Treasure


The February 'Back Room' exhibition will feature artworks from a recycling workshop held last year.  

The Upcycling Workshop was conducted in 2014 by Bonney Bombach, a senior artist represented in public galleries and both public and private collections in Australia and abroad and experienced art educator. Recycled (or upcycled) materials count amongst the broad range of media Bonney has utilized over almost 40 years of her art practise and this was the aim of the workshop. The use of recycled materials has imbedded in it a consciousness of environmental concern and an anti-materialist philosophy.

In advance of the workshop, which was open to all from beginners to the experienced, participants were shown a broad selection of works by international and Australian artists using recycled materials and were asked to start collecting recycled items of interest to them. The workshop emphasized playfulness and a willingness to engage in an unfamiliar medium. Some works were completed during the workshop, others completed thereafter or commenced anew.

The exhibition is a testament to the human imagination and validates the notion that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!



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Trash to Treasure Back Room Exhibition

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